Sophie Elise Agbonkhese writes about faith, family, and intentional living at

My Cup Runs Over

I would love to connect with you through my blog, My Cup Runs Over. If you're looking to know more about me and my world, this is the place to be. The primary purpose of this blog is to encourage other women to slow down, cut themselves them slack, and find rest, but there's much more here than that. I think best through writing, so this is where I process all my thoughts on marriage, family, parenting, homeschooling, and faith. And of course, I talk a lot about books, too! 

Here's what you'll find over there:

  • Creative ideas for living more intentionally
  • Specific steps for igniting your faith through ​spiritual disciplines
  • Juicy details about my books, the writing process, and the characters I can’t wait to introduce you to
  • Book reviews, book recommendations, and the answer to the age-old question, "what should I read next?"
  • Writing help for adults, kids, and teachers
  • Fun giveaways, because giving fabulous gifts is one of my love languages

This is also where you can learn about my signature program, Journeying Toward Jesus, a one-year, guided exploration of the spiritual disciplines that will help you find or reestablish your relationship with Christ.