Songs in the Night

Songs in the Night, a contemporary Christian women's fiction book, is my first novel. I'm currently in the process of pursuing publication for it. 

Sophie Elise Agbonkhese Songs in the Night cover

A moving story of rediscovering faith and the redemptive power of forgiveness.

After his parents’ separation, Zach Valdez is forced to choose: stay with his crumbling mother in Calgary or return to Vancouver—the only home he’s ever known—to take care of his father, who’s been involved in a traumatizing accident. 

Seizing the opportunity to reclaim his life, he heads home, leaving behind his mother, Lisa, who is consumed by her own guilt. As Lisa’s faith in God wanes, she finds herself making a mess everywhere she turns: at home, at work, and in her relationship with her beloved father, Charlie. 

In Vancouver, Zach seems less interested in helping his father, Anthony, than in developing a relationship with Maya, an enchanting ballerina he meets at a party. 

As each member of the Valdez family deals with the separation in their own destructive way, their relationships with each other disintegrate. When tragedy strikes, they are forced to face their own mistakes and weaknesses as well as each other. 

How they react will determine the fate of their family.